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Nowadays we can still find signs of the cruel civil war that broke Spain between 1936 and 1939. Witnesses of what happened in a fight between brothers, that drew an invisible line of   political and social division that still today is present in Spanish society and keeps open inherited wounds.

Remains from the consequences of the fraternal hate are still tangible In the 2,246 know mass graves unopened, that do not give justice to the dead nor peace to the living. They are also visible in some village scenarios of cruel battles, like Belchite or Corbera d'Ebre, even in old military sites such as the artillery position of Punta Lucero in Ziérbana, that protected Bilbao harbor from the western flank of what is called the Cinturón de Hierro.

This feature shows some of these locations that were part of the Spanish Civil war, to which time and Governmental apathy, but not forgetfulness, have brought them almost to disappear.