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Neus is a strong woman, with character. Her life has not been easy and she still shapes it daily   with effort and alone. At her seventies, she accumulates knowledge and experiences in each wrinkle, all related to the country life and a familiar remembrance of need and sacrifice that make her more honest with herself. During the daily work in her farm, she remembers stories about each situation lived. The times when her father taught her to drive the horse wagon, that makes her laugh remembering how she toppled it over because of the mud, or when she had to stop studying as a child to actively contribute to the domestic economy, doing ungrateful jobs, badly paid and hardly valued.

Her hands reflect the fight sustained along the years, where work clearly marked the prints of the effort. With her husband, she managed a small leather factory and they invested the profits in a sheep's farm, that she keeps since she became widow in 1999. Friendly and happy inside and outside, she enjoys life in her world of farm routine. Needed and responsible, she cares after her forty three sheep and two goat herd among other animals for self-consume.  Sometimes, she allows me to see her coquettish side, when she does not look at me, out of shy, and hides from this objective that maybe she considers indiscreet.