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I was born in Toronto, some time ago, four years before the Walkman era, to be precise. As a child I moved to Spain with my parents to a small, beautiful, but close-minded village in the middle of the mountains close to the Pyrenees. In my late teens I had my first experience with photography, and in some strange way I felt connected to it and it became part of my life. The beginnings were harsh, jobs for the local magazine, for a local shop, for some small editorial project, all of it a bit too small to make a living out of it. When 22, and tired of fighting and not getting anywhere I decided to see if I would have better luck in Holland. Though I did not do much as a photographer (I had to part-time for a living), something in the air, and I do not think it was weed smoke, gave me an inspirational push that would surprise me. Nevertheless, I did not like too much the amount of rain I endured in Holland, so I decided to emigrate back south two years later. I was lucky enough to find a job in a regional newspaper, it was not much of a wage, but it kept me going. But to tell you the truth, what I really wanted was to find my way to Barcelona, a metropolitan city, where everything looked like “big time” for an adopted country kid like me. The opportunity arose two years later as a free-lancer for the same newspaper I was working for out in the provinces. Though short lived, this period gave me the time I needed to adapt to what would be my new home for the following 10 years. In Barcelona, though sometimes it could be harsh as any big city, I learned most of my “savoir faire” in the profession thanks to having worked with small and big international media outlets and agencies, as well as for many corporate clients. After this “Barcino” (Ancient Roman name for Barcelona) experience, I moved to Malaga due to family matters, where I am now, for the time being.


My main goal in these last few years is focused in producing documentary content for a full array of outlets, but basically media related ones. Combining all this with some commercial jobs, which, keep on knocking on my door every once and a while and help me finance whateverprojects come to my mind.

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© Xabier Mikel Laburu, all rights reserved.  

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